Envision Newsletter #1: Kickoff

Welcome to Envision’s Newsletter written by Joel Montano and sourced by the Envision team! We are the first virtual student-led, student-built accelerator -- helping young diverse founders build their companies.

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Here’s what you can expect from this bi-weekly newsletter:
🗞 Story of the Week

We’ll start with a unique story weekly. Could be an interview with a founder, operator, or investor with a focus on their journey as a diverse person in the startup ecosystem.

📣 What’s Happening at Envision?

  • Any content that Envision or our partners have published this week.

  • Upcoming events for the public and the greater community to join.

  • Community updates.

🎯 Resources and Opportunities

  • Ally & partner R&O.

  • Any new funding opportunities or other useful resources for founders.

  • Jobs, fellowships, and scholarships

  • Any other links we find useful!

📚 What We’re Reading

  • Best content of the week from partners and across the internet.

Envision is an accelerator for undiscovered and underrepresented talent in the startup industry. Our goal is to foster an ecosystem of founders, investors, and operators to support diverse founders at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys. Thanks for reading our newsletter. Follow along on Twitter @envisionaccel and Instagram @envisionaccelerator, and share below!